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About GMR

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Your global partner

Since 1999 “GMR” is a global partner to outsource all your machinery projects.

GMR is a brand independent company and provides excellent and professional services from A to Z for the flat Glass Market. Customer satisfaction, after-sales and the best service are paramount to our success.

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All glass machinery projects

We relocate a machine or production line globally, including transport and re-installation at the new location.

Our GMR project managers will manage for you all these jobs throughout the entire process of the project.

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Our services

We provide globally the following to the Glass Market:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs & Spare parts
  • After sales service
  • A-Z machinery relocations, dismantling, transport, installation
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Customer satisfaction

For each specific project we create a team with the ideal experience and training , led by one of our senior managers, who will continuously keep you informed of the job’s schedule and progress.

So you, the client, have a single, structured point of contact for all communication, allowing us to guarantee effective follow-up of the tasks.

Customer satisfaction & after-sales are paramount to our success. With over 20 years of experience in the flat Glass Market we offer market leading services to our clients.

Mission and values

GMR operations is committed to supply professional and efficient services that satisfies the requirements of our customers with the minimum disruption to its workforce and production. Correct maintenance keeps the machines consistently in perfect conditions and in an efficient working order, their performance at the highest level ... and the customers satisfied.

We aim to carry out our services to the highest standards of safety achievable by providing up to date training to our project managers and our field engineers. It is the duty of all our employees to uphold and reflect this reputation through implementing these values and qualities in the day to day duties that they perform.