Glass machines

Sales, Purchase & Service


Glass Machinery Reconditioners offers solutions and services to extend the lifetime of glass machinery. We help you to keep your production line working efficient.  To produce the quality you need.

Our team of engineers can work on different brands of machinery and create the correct setup of your machinery. We can bring your machine to any level of reconditioning you require. Our commissioning and maintenance services make sure your production line is running optimally. In any case of a breakdown our fast response service reduces valuable downtime.

Our engineers and technicians work efficiently. We offer a wide arrange of services;

  • delivery of machine parts
  • maintenance of machine parks
  • dismantling
  • handling
  • storage
  • repair
  • re-installing
  • start-up and commissioning

During relocation or reorganisation we like to do engineering, scheduled precautionary system of maintenance, equipment training, inspection and survey.